Terms & Conditions Important Terms & Conditions, please read carefully.
Customers without an account

A 50% deposit is required for all sessions, sittings and shoots, with the balance being paid on completion of the session/sitting/shoot.

Orders for prints, canvases, posters etc. must be accompanied by full payment.

Customers with an account

Full payment is required within 7 days of the session, sitting, shoot or order completion.

The copyright of all images belongs to and remains with StudioTEQ and or associate photographer. Customers can purchase specific or all rights to the images. Images cannot be used by customers without prior consent.

All images may be used by StudioTEQ or the relevant photographer in printed or online portfolios, news articles and or used for self promotion or personal competitions, without asking for the customer’s permission, unless the customer specifically negotiates otherwise prior to the images being taken.

In the event that StudioTEQ or associate photographer is unable to perform the session/sitting/shoot we will to our best endeavour attempt to secure the services of a replacement photographer and any deposit paid will be refunded or transferred to the replacement photographer. We are unable to accept liability for the failure of a photographer to be present at the session/sitting/shoot or equipment failure, irrespective of circumstances.

If the customer cancels the session/sitting/shoot:

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