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StudioTEQ Camera LogoWe are no longer taking bookings due to ill healthGlyn Edmunds, Photographer

About Us

Why choose StudioTEQ?

We provide your photos, your way, and all with a personal touch, so you can be assured of high quality all the time, every time!

We print the vast majority of images ourselves and we can provide prints from 6” x 4” to 44” x 50 feet!  We also print canvases from A3 to 40” x 80” and roll-up banners.  For larger or outdoor banners we utilise external printers.

How it works:

A typical process for a basic shoot:

Professional portraits in the studio or at a location of your choice

Home shoots can either utilise studio style backgrounds or have your home as the background.

We have portable backgrounds from 6 feet to 10 feet wide in various colours including a full train, so whatever the size of space you have available, we can probably shoot in it!

Home Shoots


I’m Glyn Edmunds.

I trade under the name of StudioTEQ.

I specialise in offering

portrait experiences with a

Personal touch.

Location shoots can be outdoors (a field, woodland, seaside, country house etc.) or indoors (a theatre, club, restaurant, meeting room, workplace etc.).

For indoor group shoots we have backgrounds up to 20 feet wide, so the whole group can join in!

Outdoor location shoots can be almost anywhere (within reason) and we have a full range of off camera flash and reflector facilities.

Location Shoots